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Animals Puzzle 3D


We are very happy and proud to present our new collaborative creation on the Lego Ideas platform.

The set consists of approximately 1700 pieces and we can build 2 animals in 3D each time.

a seahorse and a spider


a flamingo and a koala

We worked (Castor-Troy and me) on this project for several weeks to find the best design and the best techniques.

We have chosen to represent animals suggesting a wood look.

Like the 3D puzzles we stayed in the spirit of these very fun models to assemble. We opted for the colors sand yellow and dark sand yellow which are soft colors that adapt to any decor.

These creations are very decorative and we are convinced that the Afols will be very happy to build these animals in 3D.

We suggest several presentations that highlight these sculptures and demonstrate all the possibilities of decoration and play. We are convinced that this set will attract lovers of design and interior decoration and that this new approach to LEGO would appeal to the greatest number.

It could make a great gift for discovering LEGOs in a different way.

We stayed on a reasonable number of pieces to have an affordable set price.

For lovers of creation and Afols this set offers a very large pieces of curves slopes.

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