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Modular Jewelry Store


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The Modular Jewelry Store is built right next to a local Flower Shop. It is made up of 3 floors, with additional access to the roof. The first floor is the place where all sales take place Glass cases display jewelry and diamonds, with a wide window in the front of the floor for window shoppers. For protection against burglary, there is an alarm on the back door.

The second floor contains offices for the employees of the store. Here all of the necessary paperwork is filled out and filed properly. Upstairs on the third floor is the lab. Here the diamonds and jewels are weighed, tested and repaired. A final staircase leads to the roof, where a few cans inhabit the space.

On the right stands the thin flower shop. The decorative facade on the first floor is not very representative of what goes on inside. Though the owners appear to be florists by day, a hidden door allows midnight access into the neighboring jewelry store. The owner lives in the building, owning the upstairs apartment. A greenhouse is also located on the base floor, with a removable curved window to let in the sunlight. The second floor of the shop is nothing more than an office, but a safe with a red diamond shows the real activity going on in the shop. Upstairs, a bed and kitchenette occupy the third floor. 

The set is slightly taller than the average modular building, but fits nicely with the rest of the buildings on the street. It involves a few somewhat advanced building techniques, with several instances of the SNOT (stud not on top) method. As I post updates to the project with progress, I may include additional close-ups and instructions for some of these techniques.

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