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Hello everybody!

For those of you that have already supported, thank you very much! I certainly appreciate your support and compliments.

Unfortunately, I forgot to post a picture of the minifigures. This was totally unitentional and I am very sorry. However, I have just gotten a picture of the minifigures, from the chef on the left to the customer (and her baby!) on the right. The minifigures that were carrying accessories in the model are still holding their accessories in this picture for a better view. 

There is another thing that I must say before I post this update. Unfortunately, I don't have enough parts to keep this project together any longer! This means that I am going to take this project apart. Sadly, this also means that this will not only be my first update on this project, but my last. On a brighter note, that also means that a new project is coming, so keep your eyes out for another project of mine!