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Falls Cafe


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Hello. Thank you for taking the time to check out this project.

This is a completely modular-compatible, one-story restaurant owned by a calm-obsessed minifigure named Susan, however, this minifigure is not included in the project. Instead, there is a chef named Lisa, a cashier named Katherine, a waitress named Rose, and two customers, a mom whose name is Helen and her baby whose name is David. Mostly, these names are for purposes to identify where things are placed in the restaurant; you can of course give them your own names. 

But I suppose you're here to see the restaurant. On the exterior, there is a sign that reads "Falls Cafe," which is the restaurant's name. This sign is made up of two parts. The word "Falls" is in blue on a piece of curved track. Underneath the word "Falls," the word "Cafe" is written on a pair of plates, each 12 studs wide. Underneath the sign is an awning. This awning is not a feature that Susan likes about her restaurant, but at least it attracts customers with its bright colors, so she kept it up. And of course, under that is the door. Next to the door is some glass that allows light to flow into the place. This is a very common feature of storefronts where I live, so I decided to incorporate it into my model. Under the awning is an outdoor eating area where patrons of this restaurant can enjoy a meal outside instead of inside. Unfortunately, I was not able to actually make it wide enough for a minifigure (and its arms!) to fit inside the eating area. I could not find any way to fix it, other than to make the restaurant smaller, and I most certainly did not want to do that, so I just had to leave it. However, it still makes the storefront more interesting, so I left it for that reason also. 

Now, what makes this place the "Falls Cafe?" Well, inside, the place has two water features to entertain guests and keep, as the owner Susan describes it, "a peaceful, calm environment." One of the water features is a simple little one stud wide row of water that extends across the right side of the restaurant. This feature has a counter, tiled navy blue and white, between it and the floor (and a table) to keep water off of the floor. On the other side is a full, man-made waterfall that falls into a basin with plants in it. This is the main water feature, and is how the place got to be known. Just don't bring too many people, because as Susan wants it to be a quiet, almost meditative, atmosphere, there aren't too many seats-just two on the outside and two on the inside. On the inside, Katherine mans a cash register on a little table near the waterfall. At the lone inside table, Rose is bringing food to Helen and David. David is actually sitting in a baby "high chair" that I built custom for a baby figure. 

Now, everybody knows where the magic happens in a restaurant-the kitchen. In this restaurant, a white door leads to the closed-off kitchen. There's only one chef, so she sometimes has to work hard if there are many customers. Usually, though, she can take her time. On the wall is a clock, to keep track of time. Underneath that clock is a sink and some counter space. There is also a stove and an oven, although the oven is not very visible in any of my images. Basically, the stove is on top of the oven, which is represented by a white 2x2x3 cabinet piece with a transparent blue door on it. Next to the range is a refrigerator. Again, it is hard to see, but there is simulated food in there. In the kitchen currently, the chef, Lisa, is busy creating a vegetable dish in a frying pan. Of course, there are no unhealthy dishes here-Susan, the owner, is obsessed not only with calming atmospheres, but also physical health.

I feel like this would be a good set because restaurants are essential to a LEGO city or town, and I also feel like there should be some variety in these dining establishments. So I built something that is different than all the rest of the dining establishments that I've seen.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to view my project!

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