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Old City Hall


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Welcome to historic downtown Bellingham, Washington, where the iconic Old City Hall building rises above the Bellingham waterfront and downtown business district. Surrounded by lush gardens overlooking Bellingham Bay, the former City Hall - now home to the Whatcom Museum - is a towering testament to the colorful history of the City of Bellingham, an iconic gateway to the West!

This replica model of the unique Romanesque Revival landmark features a modular design with 5 sections: Landscaping, First Floor, Second Floor, Third Floor, Roof & Towers. The interior remains intentionally unfinished and open for kids of all ages to fill with their favorite exhibits and attractions.. The model, like the building, is symmetrical in its footprint with a roof and five towers that are taller than the main structure of the building (just like the real building). The model sits on a 32x32 stud baseplate and measures over 70 studs tall.

This scale model replica of the Old City Hall building is one of three digital models that were designed for the Whatcom Museum's "Community Building" event in conjunction with local Bellingham resident and LEGO artist/fan/hobbyist (and LEGO Masters Season 4 Contestant), Brad Bergman. The Museum approached me to host their LEGO-themed event at the Museum and I suggested adding a build of the Museum's unique - and challenging - architecture to the mix. I'll be debuting an actual brick-built version of this digital design (which will be featured as a permanent exhibit at the Museum) during a live build at the Museum's "Community Building" event on April 5th. As part of that event, we’re also hoping to kick off the votes for the Museum model as a LEGO Ideas submission, rallying the community to vote for the project.

As a fan of the Expert Modulars theme (which brought me back to LEGO in my 30s and out of my Dark Ages), I feel this build would fit nicely alongside any build from that series and add a historical aspect to any LEGO City build. It would also be a unique model of actual historical Romanesque architecture for any LEGO Architecture fan.

For photo references of the actual Old City Hall building and how it compares to this LEGO model, please visit the Whatcom Museum's website, located here:

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