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Mega Man: WIly Castle


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This castle is the evil base of Dr. Wily and usually appears in the Mega Man games. Now when I built this I was thinking of a way to make the iconic castle both playable and displayable, and I had this idea of adding play features such as the Wily capsule, or the figures, maybe both? I believe this would make a great set for these three reasons...

1. This set would look great as a display piece, I mean who wouldn't want an evil lair as a display piece.

2. the base has a unique skull motif and lots of room to play around in

3. This set has great potential to unite mega man fans

includes 800+ pieces and a wily pod
Figures- Dr. Wily, Cut Man, Heat man, Mega man, Rush, Air man, Wood man and Guts man

If you want to see the mega man franchise get a spot in the Lego spotlight, make sure to support and share the project with everyone

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