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Boun Gelato

'Boun Gelato' is Italian Ice cream shop.
The goal of this project was to realize an Italian flavored gelato shop.

Main colors : Tan & Black

Total piece : 362 (pcs)

Lengh x Width x Height : 14 x 12 x 12 (stud)

The shop has... : Espresso machine, Gelato freezer. Terrace, Table set & of course Ice cream!

view point
  1. Gelato Freezer : There are 4 flavors, and there is a scoop in each area.
  2. Espresso machine : This machine can make up to 2 cups at the same time. At the top are cups and a steam sensor.
  3. Stair (railing) : It was a very difficult task to make the railing thin and fit.
  4. Terrace : On the terrace you can admire the aquatic plants while sipping espresso. The blue bird on the left adds freshness to the plain black color.
  5. back side : The empty ice cream cans piled up near the back door are also interesting view point.

I tried to be creative when build this idea,,! Enjoy & If you time, please give me a feedbacks! Thanks :)

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