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Who’s ready to go off-roading?

The iconic ARGO 6x6 XTV was my inspiration for this project, a Technic Power Functions version of the real life machine. I had fun building the ARGO and hope you like it.

The ARGO 6x6 is an amphibious extreme terrain vehicle (XTV) popular in rural and wilderness areas. It’s a true workhorse that excels at traversing difficult terrain and fording waterways. Neither mud nor snow, desert, tundra, swamp or jungle will stop it. The ARGO is simple, dependable, and easy to repair - a must for expeditions far from civilization.

The ARGO uses skid-steering to change direction. The left and right wheelsets are driven independently in order to steer the vehicle. Each wheelset is connected to the transmission using drive chains. There is only one motor; disk brakes and a differential are used to control the relative wheelset speeds to perform skid-turns. Twist the handlebars of this LEGO ARGO to skid-steer just like the real thing.

The ARGO is a medium size Technic model and this made it difficult to incorporate the LEGO battery pack into its frame. The idea is to treat the battery pack like a hard-case, the type of which might contain a haul of newly discovered minerals, or provisions and equipment needed on a scientific expedition. When the ARGO is on display this hard-case is stowed in the rear cargo area. While driving the ARGO over obstacles you can hold the battery pack in-hand.

Technic ARGO Functions

  • Handlebar actuated disk brakes
  • Two cylinder engine
  • Limited slip differential
  • Winch
  • Transfer case to shift between drive and winch
  • Chain tensioners
  • Engine cover with four-bar link hinges
  • Modular construction

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