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BNSF Freight Train


BNSF is a class one railroad that operates in the United States of America. The railroad is found in the West and the Midwest parts of the United States and operates about 30,000 miles of track or about 48,000 kilometers of track.

This train has 1800 parts, a locomotive and five freight cars. The locomotive is a B40-8W which is numbered 510. The first two freight cars on the train are boxcars that can carry any finished items. The third freight car on the train is a covered hopper. The fourth freight car is a flat car that is carrying train wheel pairs. The final car on the end of the train is the caboose. This car has a desk for minifigures to do work, a bed for the minifigure to rest, and  cupola for the minifigure to look out over the rest of the train.

What is great about this train is that you can mix and match the train cars around. This train can be used for display, play, and your lego city.

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