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Handcrafted Houseboat


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“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home”.
(Gary Snyder)

"The simple act of being in the presence of nature, contemplating it, purifies the mind".


This is a Lego bricks reproduction of a representative handcrafted houseboat.
The practice of transforming boats into houseboats is widely spread across the world. Charming houseboats are often handcrafted by the owners, with a touch of creativity and the use of reclaimed materials.

I wanted to build a sufficiently detailed model to have a personality but at the same time to be representative of artisanal houseboats.
The color palette includes reddish brown, medium nougat, medium blue and dark green. I used various construction techniques and pieces to achieve the proportions and shapes I desired, and I added details to bring it to life. I hope you like it! ☺️
I imagined that the owners of this houseboat made it by repurposing components from an old all-blue transport boat and an abandoned wooden cabin.
The original parts of the boat are blue, such as the sides and the ends of the hull at the bow and stern, the small square windows, and even the upper old cockpit.
The wood from the old cabin was used to expand the bow and stern and to create the new living area; the old cabin railing now serving as a handrail on the first floor.
Other reclaimed materials were used, such as sheet metal signs and recycled windows.
The houseboat at the bow has an outdoor living area. Inside the covered area, there is the entrance, the control console, the living room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. The owners of this houseboat are a pianist and a photographer. At the stern, there is a piano and a ladder that, like the front ladder, leads to the first floor. Here, we find an outdoor relaxation space with the camera, and behind it, the old pilot's cabin is now transformed into a bedroom. At the top of the cockpit there are communication equipment and solar panels; the houseboat now uses an electric motor and has a water recycling system.


We all know about houseboats, they are part of the imagination of both kids and adults. That's because houseboats play a significant role in human life, offering a distinctive and charming way of living with both emotional and practical benefits. Across the globe, they have captured the imagination of many, providing a unique lifestyle in harmony with water and nature. Handcrafted houseboats are even more charming, welcoming, unique and cozy! 😊 They are highly valued for several reasons:

Proximity to nature
Houseboats allow residents to immerse themselves in pristine environments surrounded by breathtaking landscapes. For instance, in Canada's Great Lakes regions, travelers have the chance to experience life amidst crystal-clear waters and splendid forests.
Freedom of movement
Living on a houseboat enables exploration of diverse locations and the discovery of new cultures and traditions.
Many houseboats are designed to be environmentally friendly, utilizing renewable energy sources and reducing their ecological footprint.
Community and belonging
In various parts of the world, houseboat communities foster strong neighborhood ties and a shared sense of belonging to a unique environment. An example is the Sausalito Houseboat Community in California, USA.
Unique life experience
Houseboats present an extraordinary choice of living, attracting those seeking an escape from the mundane and an opportunity to lead a distinctive lifestyle.

If you, like me, are fascinated by houseboats for one or more of these reasons, then this could be the opportunity to have fun, get passionate, and relax by building this version with Lego bricks!


I love handcrafted houseboats; I've seen dozens of them. Unfortunately, I can't afford one... but I built this one with Lego bricks to complement a heartwarming, magical story I wrote. Although each of us can create their own story, I'd like to share mine, for those who wish to read it 😉 Here is a brief summary of it.

Before: Todd
As a child, Todd loved spending time with his grandfather in the cabin on the Wooded Hill, near the springs of the Great River. He admired his grandfather's skill in working with wood. He was a lively and curious child, chasing bees and trying to discover their preferences by smelling different flowers. As a teenager, Todd continued to find refuge in the cabin, enjoying bike rides and moments of relaxation by the Great River. He imagined the river's journey and how many places it would pass through on its way. Todd grew closer to photography, capturing vibrant and magical images of plants, trees, and animals.
Then: Todd and Ryan
After studying Visual Arts, Todd pursued his passion for nature photography. At one of his exhibitions, he met Ryan, who admired the skilled artistry behind Todd's stunning photos. The images depicted vibrant colors of trees, waters, and flowers, seemingly evoking the sounds of nature. A week later, Todd attended one of Ryan's concerts, and the notes coming from his piano reminded him of the serenity he felt when lying on the banks of the Great River.
Before: Ryan
Ryan, grew up in Dreams Harbour and had a joyful childhood, running near the sea and chatting with artisans at the pier. His grandmother taught him to play the instrument under the porch of the house by the sea, and he practiced every evening with sweet melodies, attracting passersby who stopped to listen. As a teenager, he started performing for the harbour, and his music seemed to blend with the sounds of the sea. Sometimes, he explored the nearby mouth of the Great River with his kayak, fantasizing about the landscapes the river passed through. After obtaining his piano diploma, Ryan began performing concerts on the sea or along the banks of the Great River.
Now: Todd and Ryan
Todd and Ryan, inseparable since their first meeting, dreamed of music, photography, and exploring the Great River together. They decided to live in both Dreams Harbour and the Wooded Hill, establishing that their first home should be able to sail! To build their houseboat, they bought a small old all-blue transport boat in Dreams Harbour, and in the Wooded Hill, they obtained reclaimed materials from an abandoned wooden cabin. The houseboat, with a combination of sea and forest colors, represents their shared desires. Their journey begins, accompanied by the puppy Sun, and the music and colors of nature they deeply love.

They can be “Todd and Ryan”, “Ivan and Brianna”, “Akanke and Kaira”, or anyone you wish, because...

“Hey, they're Lego bricks! Let's start dreaming again…”
Love, Feacebricks

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