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Hey there, to those of you that may still be lurking around this project,  followers both old and new!

Having been, and still being occupied by my Bachelor degree in Animation, I've had to push back any planned updates, and not had time to reply to your comments.
For this, I am really sorry and must apologize, as I have failed my own project and those who have supported it.

With less than 60 days left, as I am typing this, any chances of gaining any supporter boost of significance, are close to nonexistent.
But I won't take it down, so it can still stand through it's remaining days.

On a side note, given I have enough time, I might return with new projects later on.
What they might be, only time will show, highly likely that they may be new LEGO Zelda and other license based projects, but possibly some original ideas as well.
Suggestions are of course welcome, but don't stray to far away from the topic of relating it to this project if you're mentioning them here, as the comment section here is meant to discuss the project itself.

If you wish to discuss other things, related or not at all related to this project, you can reach me at my deviantart profile (under the name Ragaru), just drop me a comment there, and I'll reply whenever I have the time.

Thank you so much for all your support so far!


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