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Dockside Cafe and Bakery


Modular Chimney

The chimney at the backside of the Dockside Cafe and Bakery is modular, like the rest of the building. The top part is linked to the upper floor with the wood-burning stove, and the lower part is connected to the baking oven at the ground floor, as shown below.


500 Supporters!

Thanks to all of you who have supported the Dockside Cafe and Bakery so far! Let's see if we can make it to the next milestone ... :-)


Halloween Special

We serve homemade pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie at the Dockside Cafe and Bakery. Welcome!


Stargazers welcome!

The bright summer nights are over and the stars become visible again. Pick a nice spot on the pier and enjoy a snack from the Dockside Cafe, while you wait for the sunset. On a clear evening you will probably meet other night sky enthusiasts there.


Behind the scenes - creating space for a midsummer celebration

This picture shows a bird's eye view of the extension created for the midsummer celebration (see update of June 24). It demonstrates how the terrain surrounding the Dockside Cafe & Bakery can be modified.


Ice cream!

The Dockside Cafe and Bakery offers a wide selection of ice cream. Find your favorite!


Midsummer Celebration

Midsummer is an important event all over Scandinavia, but traditions differ from country to country. In Sweden the celebrations always take place on a Friday and Saturday around the time of the summer solstice, ideally outdoors in the countryside. The afternoon is filled with activities: games, music, singing and dancing around the maypole. Later, there is food and drink, including several types of fish, fresh potatoes, and strawberries for desert. Welcome! :-)


Midsummer preparations

The Dockside Cafe and Bakery will host a traditional outdoor celebration at midsummer, and the preparations have started ...


400 Supporters!

Thanks to all who have support this project so far, I really appreciate it! Check back for a midsummer update soon ... :-)


The kitchen - detailed view

Here is a more detailed view of the kitchen, showing the stove, sink and food preparation area, the coffee machine, and the counter with cakes and cookies on display. Of course, there is also a freezer with ice cream ... I hope you find something you like! :-)

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