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Dockside Cafe and Bakery


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This classic Scandinavian-style timber cottage started life as a humble fisherman’s home about 200 years ago. During the early 1900s it was transformed into a bakery to cater to the locals and an increasing number of tourists. It still retains features from that period. The original open fireplace was rebuilt into a baking oven, and the kitchen was modernized with a cooking range and an indoor sink. On the backside the house was extended to include a shower and WC. The upper floor provides cozy accommodation for two, with a wood burner for chilly spring and autumn evenings and a private balcony to enjoy the Nordic twilight after a long day of work during the summer. To make the most of nice summer weather, the cafe features an outdoor seating area next to the pier, to enjoy views over the sea.

The set includes six figures (cafe owners couple, two guests, two children), one cat, several birds, as well as a small boat and several bicycles (one with a box for deliveries).

  • Prepare delicious cakes and sandwiches from local produce for your customers.
  • Take a break from bicycling through the countryside, to enjoy freshly baked cakes and ice cream.
  • Staying on a yacht or in a summer cottage nearby? Dock your boat at the pier to enjoy coffee and cake, or pick up some supplies.
  • Relax at the dockside seating area and take in the fantastic views.

The house features a modular construction. The roof can be lifted off to access the upper-floor accommodation, and the upper floor can be removed to reveal the detailed interior of the lower floor, with the baking oven, kitchen and coffee shop area.

The model is designed for 360 degrees viewing. It works for both for display and play. It is designed as a standalone house with a hint of surrounding terrain and vegetation, but after minor modifications of the terrain it can be displayed together with houses in the Modular Buildings Collection.

Afternoon coffee with freshly-baked cake is an important feature of Scandinavian lifestyle. During summer it is ideally taken outdoors in a rural or seaside setting to enjoy long summer days after the cold winter. Opportunities to enjoy this lifestyle have been very limited during the past year, due to the ongoing pandemic. Looking forward to experience such a setting in real life again, I created this LEGO model.

The main part of the set was built during a few weeks from bricks and pieces I had at home, and the model exists only in physical form. I found my headlamp very useful for improving details of interior design. The set includes about 1800 pieces. It can be used for display, and for adults and kids to play together. I think it would make a great LEGO set.

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