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Simpsons - The Brown House

Do you like the simpsons? Do you have the simpsons house set and want to build the evergreen terrace? Well this is something for you. The brown house based of the simpsons tapped out.

The house can open and close
The roof can open and close

This house would include Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, Milhouse van Houten and Sideshow Bob.

Break in the brown house and let homer watch TV or make sideshow bob live in the house. Maybe make the kids paintball :) ist up to you.

The house does got some outside detail.

The house has 2 room on the inside. The living room which includes a tv and couch. And a bedroom which includes a PC and bed. Don't forget the posters of bart and the target point on him.

The other side of the house.

Be sure to support the project r just leave a comment on what I can do to make it better.
Hope you like it.

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