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Little Italy


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I'm a huge fan of the LEGO Modular Buildings and I always wanted to add something from myself to the collection that fits in the series. 
I like the old New York brick building appartments with fire escape ladders on the front and some little bar or restaurant on the street level. 
So here we have 'Little Italy', a modular building with a little pizza shop and 4 appartments + a little office. The front facade is the more appealing side with big vertical windows and ornaments, while the back side is a bit reduced with smaller windows and open cables on the wall. 
The goal was to design a building that looked like it could be made by LEGO themself, both in a stylistic and an interior detail way. Meaning, the rooms are not overloaded with tiles and colors but have instead each their own little unique details. 
The building technics aren't special or new. It's all been seen on the modulars, but I think that this is the reason the building looks familiar and suitable to the modular world. Or at least that is what I tried to achieve. 
I hope some of you like it  : )

- nearly 3.000 pieces
- 32x32 base plate
- Street level: Pizza shop / restaurant + appartment 'grandma'
- 1st floor: lawyer office + appartment 'familiy'
- 2nd floor: musician room + appartment 'thief'
- Rooftop: little roof garden

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