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Steamboat Willie


Steamboat Willie is a short film made by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. It was released on the day November 18, 1928. The short film is the first synchronized sound cartoon to be released by Walt Disney, and also the birth of Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

I have created the steamboat Willie and three mini figures who should look like Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, and Pete as they are in the short film.

About the model:

The model is the steamboat, Willie. I have created everything we see in the short. On the back of the boat there's a parrot, and there's also a bucket. The bucket Mickey ends up in after he fell down the stairs. On the side of the boat, there's the kitchen. Inside the kitchen, there are a lot of potatoes, a bucket, and a knife. On the wall inside the kitchen there shall stand "Potato Bin", and outside over the entry "Kitchen".

About the figures:

From left to right on the first picture we see Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, and Pete. Minnie Mouse stands with a guitar, as she has in the short. Minnie shall also have a brick with "Turkey in the Straw" printed on. As I couldn't create I also want the goat, the one Mickey has some problems with to get on the boat.

I have wanted a set like this for a long time, and now this can be real. If only I get 10,000 supporters, LEGO will take a look of the set, and maybe, if we're lucky, the set will be released by The LEGO Group.

The set has 471 bricks in total, and 452 bricks without the mini figures.

Thanks for looking and also support.

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