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Lego Architecture - World Trade Centers (Twin Towers)

This is my interpretation of the iconic Twin Towers including some of the smaller less famous World Trade Buildings (WTC 3, 4, 5, 6) and the Austin J. Tobin Plaza at the foot of the towers with Fritz Koenig's Golden Sphere Sculpture at the heart of it. There is a 7th WTC building but that was situated in the neighboring block so has been omitted from my model for simplicity and aesthetics.


In reflection of some of the comments I've already received I've decided to add the following comment to try to clarify the reasons behind me making this model...

Of course 9/11 was very sad for many and I sympathies with everyone who has lost or suffered by the atrocity that day brought.
This model is in no way intended to prolong or evoke sadness.

I'm eager to hear your comments both for and against this project after all that is why it is here, to judge if such a model is respectful or poor tact.
But personally, I am a Brit' and I have this model standing proud on my shelf because to me it's a sign of respect. Not only for 9/11 but for the buildings architecture. :o)

Join the debate and please support if you would like the Lego Architecture WTC to be built.


The model consists of 197 bricks in total.

Original Plan of the World Trade Centers
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Aerial view


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