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Stargate Atlantis - Stargate Model!


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Hello. I recently challenged myself to see if I could build a stargate model based on Stargate Atlantis and was so pleased by how it came out I thought I'd submit. The stargate is modeled after what I refer to as the Sheppard-class stargate and is approximately 24 studs in diameter and about 3 studs thick.  The model has no exposed studs and I believe looks rather polished. The image with the blue inner ring is the current build model, it seems like every time I think I'm finished with the model I find another aspect to tinker with. I would love to see what others could do with this base design.

I made a video detailing the build here:

A stargate is a wormhole generator, allowing one to step between different planets as easily as stepping between rooms, allowing intragalactic communication and trade. The show Stargate Atlantis, the 2nd live action spin-off of the Stargate movie, is based on the concept that the mythical city of Atlantis did exist but was a  city-sized starship that fled Earth long ago to escape a plague ravaging our galaxy. The show follows an expedition team attempting to reach the city-ship in the nearby Pegasus galaxy and their adventures both on unexplored worlds and in the city itself.

The core concept of this build is that the Stargate is a bridge between worlds, anything and everything could be on the other side of the gate, leading to boundless opportunities. Considering the creative nature of Lego, this seemed a perfect combination.

The stargate is free-standing and stable. It features an attachable blue event horizon to simulate the gate being active and a conversion kit to attach the event horizon to the rear of the gate. Otherwise, the ring is open with the backside being near identical to the front, just with different colored plates on the outer rim.

I've also designed a pedestal playset inspired by the Atlantis gateroom to house the stargate. It's not show accurate, but it gets the point across, containing two consoles and a DHD.The opposite side of the pedestal is modeled after the SGC from where the initial expedition departed to the lost city-ship of Atlantis. The two halves of the pedestal are modular, allowing one to open it up to remove the Stargate and attach the event horizon as desired.

Thank you for your consideration and I'll see you on the other side!

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