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Mickey Mouse- Steamboat Willie


All aboard the Steamboat Willie!

Disney's first musical cartoon, still widely famous, could soon be a set- Just hit the support button now!

It's at the start of all kids Disney movies- Mickey Mouse at the helm of the old steamboat, whistling happily. Many variations have been made of it on different movies, but the concept was always there. Have you always wanted to see this in Lego? Well, now you can!

Make your own musical moments with Mickey!

 Steamboat Willie video

Created in 1928, it's been getting tons of remakes- but not in Lego form! It features everything from the cartoon, from the fishing hook that moves to catch Minnie to the classic steering wheel. It can be placed on a stand or sailed on water!  Play 'The Turkey in the Straw' with the mice and get that annoying bird out of there! 

The paddles all move along with the flag and the fishing hook.

Whether you love Disney, Mickey Mouse, boats or just great Lego builds, why wouldn't you support this set? Fun for all ages, relive the classic nostalgia which is Disney!


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