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Stardew Valley: The Farmhouse

Stardew Valley is a beloved farming simulation video game and I think It would be a perfect fit for a lego Ideas product. As of thus I am presenting here my Lego Idea project - Stardew Valley: The Farmhouse.

The main build here is the farmhouse (with a furnished interior) and the surrounding farm area, complete with a crop field, Jumino hut, shipping bin and a selection of artisan/refining equipment.

The farmhouse can be removed from the farm base and opened to access the interior, either by removing the whole roof or by taking a few easily removable small parts of the roof off, allowing you to hinge the back open, which also gives you access to a small storage space behind the woodpile (maybe Mister Qi's should hide a note here!). I tried hard to keep the model accurate to the game which wasn't easy with Lego's limited colour palette but I feel I succeeded (with help from the ever useful stardew wiki). I've included 4 minifigures: The Farmer, Robin, Mayor Lewis and Abigail, along with a goat, a chub, 4 chickens, 5 juminos, a cat, a dog, 3 green slimes, 2 Iridium bats and a rarecrow.

Please support this project if you'd like to see Stardew Valley in Lego form! Or hey even if you don't care but you like the look of this then please support.

Stardew Valley was made by Eric Barone (aka ConcernedApe) and is in my opinion one of the greatest video games of all time (Well I wouldn't have a Lego Ideas project for a game I don't love). The game is relaxing but not dull, comforting but still fresh and I wouldn't be surprised if there is a decent overlap between fans of Stardew and fans of lego as both inspire a similar feeling of whimsical tranquil fun. Putting the two together makes perfect sense to me, and I hope I'm not alone in that!

Now a few disclaimers
1- If lego chooses to make this model into an official product, it is likely that they will make a lot of changes, for examples you can look a previous approved submissions versus the final Lego sets.
2- There were a few way the idea didn't render perfectly namely the boots on all figures except Lewis, the wooden panelling on the house which was purposely done with separate tiles to look like the in game house, and finally the translucent elements used for the front window, Furnaces, bee house and crystalarium. However the rendering software is free and otherwise very good so this is not really a complaint about just an explanation as to why those things might look off.
3- As for the minifigure choices I went with these characters because they are iconic, and Robin and Lewis are the characters that introduce you(playing as the farmer) to the game, I added Abigail as well as I thought 3 figures was too few for a set of this size and she is one of my favourite characters from the game, along with The Wizard, Linus and Krobus.

Thanks for taking a look, and double thanks if you supported, either way have a nice day. I'd put 'Getting support on Lego Ideas' as my favourite thing on Stardew, so it shows up if I eat a stardrop, but sadly it's too many letters!

If you want to go the extra mile, please share this with your friends!

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