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Blacktron: Vulcan Fury

“A dark force has risen. The era of exploration is about to transition into a new era of conflict... They come from the shadowy recesses and crevasses of a distant unknown edge of space. Those strangers to peace imparted the end to the happy joyful times when scooping up a sample for analysis led to no greater conflict than who got to do the analysis; red or white. Now there is no red or white. Now there is only Blacktron.”
The Blacktron Space Force Blacktron: A grandiloquent history

My real fascination with LEGO Space started all the way back in 1987 with the arrival of Blacktron. I only had a couple of small Classic space sets as Classic Castle was my favourite Lego theme at the time. That all changed the day when I received my Blacktron Invader.

With the black visor and all-black space suit, I knew the Villains of my story has finally arrived and Blacktron would remain my main antagonist to my space heroes throughout the years that followed.

As a tribute to the memory of the first Lego Space villains, I thought it would only be appropriate to design and build a new Blacktron interceptor spaceship.

Introducing the Blacktron: Vulcan Fury.
To keep to the theme, I kept the Black and yellow colour scheme as close to the classic theme as possible with a bit more emphasis on transparent-red as to showcase where the name Vulcan Fury are derived from.

The Minifigures
I always felt that with the second incarnation of Blacktron they have lost a big element of being mysterious by revealing their faces. I wanted to bring back that mystery element by portraying them as the faceless antagonist once more. Instead of going back to the old classic Blacktron spacesuit design. I was looking for something new, fresh and more intimidating that would immediately be recognized as being from Blacktron. The Blacktron robot also got a reboot with the intention to make it look slightly more menacing but still keep it within the theme of the classic incarnations.
Size, parts and measurement:
Part count: 454
Studs: W40.7x L 34.8x H 12.1
Inch: W 12.8 x L 11.0 x H 3.8
cm: W 32.6 x L 27.8 x H 9.7

Why we should consider a new incarnation of Blacktron.
A hero is only as good as the villain they up against. What better way to launch a new space theme and connect a new generation of Lego space fans with our older generation by reintroducing a threat from the past, The first LEGO space villain’s… Blacktron.  

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