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Grady Gammage Memorial Auditorium (Tempe, AZ)


Scale update

Hello LEGO Gammage fans,

I've received many questions/comments about the size of the set.  It is quite large, and used about 1,500 pieces.  I agree, to line up more with the Architecture series this set should be a little smaller.

With that, here's an update on the changes I'm making: I've been working on scaling it down some, but still using the same exact design methods for the curvature of the building, and it's look overall.  Basically I'm using 1x2 instead of 1x6 in most of it.  

The result it a much more manageable set that will fit on your bookshelf as opposed to your kitchen table.  :-)

As always, let me know your thoughts, and I'll be sure to post another update in a month or so!

Thanks everyone,

-Kyle Wright