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Ten Wheeler


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All Aboard!  Come along with Katie as she visits the mighty Ten Wheeler steam engine with her Dad.  Engineer A.J. is waiting to give them a full tour of the iron horse, a fine example of steam engines from the end of the 19th century in the United States.  Katie is excited to show off her own LEGO model of the Ten Wheeler to Engineer A.J., and her father is there to capture the whole day on film.

The Ten Wheeler is highly detailed, featuring working pistons, interior cab details, whistle, and handholds.  For kids and kids at heart, the model can be pushed or powered by LEGO Power Functions elements, and is fully capable of navigating LEGO curves and switches.  The Motor, Battery Box, and IR Receiver can all be mounted completely inside the tender.

For those looking for a display model, you would be hard pressed to find a more fitting mantelpiece. 

For those looking for a challenge, this build features advanced, legal construction techniques providing an excellent building experience.

This is a cosmetically modified version of a model I regularly feature at public LEGO Train Club displays and conventions, and has proven itself as a reliable performer.  She can navigate through tighter turns and spaces that many of my other LEGO Train Models simply cannot go.  

Thank you for your consideration. 

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