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The Dark Castle

I got the idea for this building when I was watching the second part of The Lord of the Rings.
Helms Klamm has totally cast a spell on me. Until then, I was used to the angular look of castles: a single square keep and a tower on every corner. But this architectural style opened up new dimensions for me. From now on, I have all the castles that I have designed (in total 2: D), built like this. This is the better one.

It consists of three wall rings if you include the tower in the second ring. The first ring only serves as a line of defense against enemies. In the second ring, however, the skeletons that inhabit this castle move into their quarters. On the ground floor, your king resides with an iron fist in a splendid throne room. The skeleton lounge is on the floor above. There is also a cell with a prisoner. The spider seems to frighten him well ... Poor prisoner. I thought a bedchamber was unnecessary, because the skeletons don't need to sleep... and besides, I had no more space for it.

That's actually it with my description!

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