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Sunrise Aquarium

Hey there, I am super excited to share my latest product idea, "Modern Aquarium". I usually do product ideas based off of IPs, but this time I've decided to step off that rail for a bit and try my luck at something original.

Why I Built It:

I built this set because I absolutely adore marine life. To me, aquatic creatures are the most fascinating things on the planet, and I wanted to create something that expressed my love for the many species that live in our oceans. I also love modern architecture; It's my favorite type. I've always wanted a LEGO aquarium set, but there is none! Could you believe it!?

The Build:

I decided to name it 'Sunrise Aquarium' because I thought the name sounded cool. The aquarium itself is an irregularly shaped modular building made to connect with other existing modular sets. I know I said this about my last product idea, but this one is by far the toughest LEGO creation I've ever built.

For the exterior, I went with a cool, modern style that I think fit very nicely with the aquatic theme. From the coral streetlamps and the cast iron sea creatures on the brick walls, to the huge sign and giant wave shaped skylight, this build just screams aquarium. The skylight is my favorite addition to the build and uses my favorite LEGO building technique, which requires garage doors and round 1 x 2 plates to get that nice, sturdy, bendable sheet of glass. You might have also noticed the hanging plants located on the side of the aquarium.

The Interior is an open room containing three floors, two staircases and everything that any regular aquarium should own, including a tropical aquarium, a deep-sea aquarium, a jellyfish vertical aquarium, an octopi encloser, a touch pool, and a custom printed coelacanth fossil. There is also a display of diving suits, placed on the top floor.

Other details:

This build contains exactly 3000 LEGO elements and took me about three months to create. Thanks goes to @Brickey Scout for rendering this model using Mechabricks and Blender.

(Press the Support Button) to make this a real LEGO set! Creating an IDEAS set is something you need to fight for. If you want this set really badly, do (share) this on every (social media) account you have to spread the word to all the other aquarium/marine life/architecture fans out there! Seriously, this is no joke! It would be beyond helpful, and I would be so grateful if you did.

Don't have a social media account? That's fine! Just drop a comment down in the comment section. Believe it or not, that actually helps put this project on the top of the leaderboard. So please do that! Thanks!

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