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   The mentor to Sentaitan, Garaider is an Armaturaider, and is best remembered by the Golden G on his chest. He helped Sentaitan be the best warrior he could ever be, he is often seen leading soldiers on the front lines of the war. He is seen as a hero to the people he protects. When comparing height, he is taller than Sentaitan, but shorter than Sluzombie. When the going gets rough, he will bust out his signature weapon, the Karat Cleaver. With its three blades, no form of evil can break its power. Evil better beware because when Garaider enters the battle, the winner is already determined.
   Garaider's name is the portmanteau of the Japanese word for hilt, gara, and raider. The name of his weapon comes from the word karat, the unit gold is measured in, and cleaver. 

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