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The Attack on Grayskull


The Power of Point Dread

This is coming a little late, but to celebrate this project breaking the 1000 supporters mark, I wanted to add in the ultimate Grayskull Accessory - The Talon Fighter with small Point Dread for landing.

This Point Dread attaches easily to the pre-existing Grayskull tower with no rebuilding needed (except for removing the flag). The Talon Fighter holds one minifigure and allows He-Man to fly anywhere in Eternia to stop Skeletor.

Thanks to all of you who have supported this project. I really appreciate it.


New Characters!

To celebrate The Attack on Grayskull being a LEGO Ideas Staff Pick, I'm updating the set with even more characters!

Helping He-Man to defend Castle Grayskull is Teela, who comes with her iconic Snake Helmet and Staff.

And helping Skeletor attack the castle is Beast Man, with his spiked armor, barbed whip, and plenty of hair.

These two characters are iconic and essential members of the Masters of the Universe franchise and it would be a shame to leave them out. While I've made versions of Teela and Beast Man in the past, these versions were created specifically for this update and I'm excited to debut them here.

Pass this project around, spread the world, and let's see what other Eternian Warriors appear as the project hits more milestones!

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