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The Attack on Grayskull


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Based on the 1980s franchise Masters of the Universe, this set features the heroic He-Man, Ram Man, and Battle Cat defending Castle Grayskull from the evil Skeletor and Trap Jaw driving a Roton. It would be a perfect compliment to the existing Ghostbusters and Back to the Future LEGO Ideas sets.

Knowing that the world of Eternia is vast and densely populated, this set was designed to get as many elements of the original Masters of the Universe toyline into a realistically sized/priced LEGO set as possible.

Castle Grayskull was scaled to match the minifigures in the way the original playset matched the original action figures. This meant certain play features like the elevator and trap door were lost to keep the size and stability on point, but keeping Castle Grayskull smaller meant the set could include a brick built Battle Cat and Roton to add play value.

  • Castle Grayskull opens on a hinged wall just like the original playset and features a computer console, weapons rack, and tower cannon.
  • The brick built Battle Cat uses Mixel joints for articulation and carries one heroic minifigure into battle with ease.
  • The Roton carries one evil minifigure into battle, and features the cannons and bladed "wheel" found on the original toy.
  • He-Man comes with his power sword, shield, and axe.
  • Skeletor comes with his havoc staff and sword.
  • Ram Man comes with his axe.
  • Trap Jaw comes with modular attachments for his robot arm: cannon, claw, and blade.

If these pictures stir the same nostalgia in you that they do in me, or if you're just a fan of fantasy and adventure in your LEGO sets, please consider supporting The Attack on Castle Grayskull.

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