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Eagle Space Craft From Space:1999


For reference, here's the first one I built...

Here's a picture of the first Eagle transport I built. It is reasonably stable and about 2 to 2.5 times larger. I didn't post it as the ideas model because it breaks several rules that would not make it eligible. The main one is that it contains parts no longer made by Lego. The smaller model was an attempt to make it more "SWOOSHABLE", which it is. I held it one hand and swooshed it at one of my lug meetings. Here is the first model so you can see what I started with. The small one in this image is a die cast model I used as reference.


We are at 400! Here are some photos of the real deal!

So I finally received the pieces to build several models and wanted to share the end results, with the custom stickers. I think the end result looks really nice. I still have to build the booster rocket, but I do have a Standard, Laboratory, and Medical Eagle to share. Take a look! Also, tell your friends to vote!


Sticker designs have been added

I will update the full project with the newer photos when I'm allowed. In the mean time, here are some examples using decals to strategic places in the model:


More coming!

I was so surprised to hit the 100 votes so quickly! Thank you all for your support. I am extremely motivated now to make some serious detail improvements sooner and upload some pics with those updates. Let's keep this going, next milestone is 1000!
Thanks again!


Stickers to add, alternate model updates...

1> I am currently working on a design for some stickers to apply to certain areas to flesh out some of the details where I haven't yet thought of a good solution with bricks.
2> I completed an instruction manual with Studio 2.0, and it's 370 steps!
3> Made an alternate build to look like the Medical, Laboratory, external booster rockets.
I will make an official change to the project once I complete the stickers. Here's a preview:

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