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Eagle Space Craft From Space:1999


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Update: I have added images of alternative builds and place some stickers/printed elements to make the model look better.

This is a model based on the Eagle spacecraft from Space: 1999. I decided to build this scale model after I had built a giant version of an Eagle. Essentially I wanted to be able to hold it without fear of it coming apart. I recently displayed both models at a Lego convention, and many individuals recognized it and really wanted to talk about how I built it. I feel this is an iconic spaceship from science fiction, and so many attempts have been made to build it in Lego, with great success, however at an extremely large scale. I wanted to make it in a small enough size, well not too small, so that many people could enjoy in many ways. This model is swoosh-able with one hand and pretty sturdy.

As far as I can tell, there are many adults that would love to own a set like this since it is from a foundational science fiction TV show, like many other sci-fi shows at the time, that made science fiction a very popular genre in the mid seventies.

This vehicle in the original show was effectively modular. Shown are examples of three Eagle configurations: the standard Eagle configuration, science laboratory, and medical. I have also designed the optional rocket booster which will fit any of these configurations. Other configurations existed in the TV show, those of which may encourage modifications. Seeing others do mods to Lego models is always something fun to see people do.
I just want to share my joy of this iconic show and Lego with others and I hope this triggers some nostalgia and will want to encourage others to want to own this model as a set!
Also, Space: 1999 will have its 50th Anniversary in 2025, what a way we could celebrate this great show, its own Lego set!
Please support it!

Dimensions for Standard Eagle:
55.6 cm L x 18.26 cm W x 8.9 cm H
21.88" L x 7.19" W x 3.5" H
70 studs L, 23 studs W, and 9 1/3 bricks H
Piece count for Standard Eagle: ~1252

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