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Sonic Tornado battle Mod


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''Metal sonic and metal Knuckles stole the chaos emeralds in green hill zone!
qucik, get in tornado!
build tornado,
and chase them!''

SONIC: our favorite childhood character, Sonic!
METAL SONIC: there is always a bad version of the hero, here you go.
METAL KNUCKLES:a robot knuckle head well its smarter than the original knuckles, am i right?
SILVER AND TAILS(UPCOMING):i didn't post this yet but i already started to make updates.

this is tornado battle mod from ''sonic unleashed''.I am a sonic fan since i am 6 and i think its the BEST game character ever!The reason i think that this will be a great lego set is LEGO clearly needs sonic set since there is already sonic minifig and a little tornado.

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