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London Underground Train


Say hello to the London underground!

The London underground is a part of London life. Everybody who visits London travels with the underground. It’s the form of transportation in London. You can get everywhere in an easy way.

The model I made is a re-creation of a modern tube train.

My inspiration was the big metro train in the Lego shop in London, and I would love to buy a metro set from the store, but it wasn’t for sale. That’s why I made it myself.

This model has no train station, and no train tracks are needed. That way you can drive it everywhere you like.   


  • Remote controlled;
  • Realistic control of the rotor head and the associated control sticks;
  • The four doors on each train can be opened and closed, (so 8 doors);
  • The layout is similar to the actual trains;
  • No train tracks acquired.

Power Functions

  • 2 remote controls for, 1 for each train part;
  • 2 Infrared receivers, 1 for each train part;
  • 4 LED Lights for lighting the front and the back of the train;
  • 8 stepper motors, 4  for each train part .

For any questions or information please ask. Thank you very much for your time and support.

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