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Subnautica: Exploring the Safe Shallows


My Project:  Based on the popular underwater survival game SUBNAUTICA, created by Unknown Worlds Entertainment, this is my third Subnautica LEGO set that I have created. It is called "Exploring the Safe Shallows", and it depicts the player's first experience of the game, which is his lifepod crash-landing onto the ocean planet, 4546B, in the biome known as the Safe Shallows.


How I did it:  As with my first two sets - "Reaper Leviathan Attack" and "Survivors of the Degasi" - (check out the Degasi set on my page and make sure to smash that support button), I used the Subnautica Wiki as well as my own copy of the game and recreated portions of the Safe Shallows biome, Lifepod 5, and the Mobile Vehicle Bay using the LEGO Digital Designer.  However, this is my first time I am using the Bluerender software to render LDD images, so I hope that the images I have posted here are of better quality than before.  As always, I have included links to the pictures I used down below.


Description:  Our lone survivor has narrowly escaped the doomed ship Aurora and has ejected to safety in Lifepod 5.  Unbenownst to him, he crash-lands on the ocean planet 4546B, luckily in the middle of the Safe Shallows biome.  Our survivor leaves the safety of his lifepod and finds himself in a strange underwater world, where mineral-rich coral reefs and friendly fish and other fauna thrive in the shallow water.  It's time to start searching for a way back home but first he must forage for materials and supplies to survive until he is rescued.  He sets up his Mobile Vehicle Bay and builds a Seamoth, a one-person submersible, and explores the area, careful to stay away from the Gasopods and the clouds of toxic gas pods they release when threatened.  Before heading back to his lifepod, our suvivor decides to explore one of the cave systems and soon encounters a Crashfish Plant, which opens up and releases the angry inhabitant inside!  Can our survivor manage to outswim the fish or will he get caught in the Crashfish's deadly (and suicidal) explosion? You decide!



1. Every aspect of this set features intricate details straight from the video game Subnautica.

2. Includes three modules of the Safe Shallows biome - a tall coral ridge, a seafloor, and a cave system; Lifepod 5, with a brick-built "5" on each side; the Mobile Vehicle Bay; a basic Seamoth, a Seaglide, flora and fauna of the biome; and the player himself.

3. Remove the top of Lifepod 5 to play inside!

4. Inside the Lifepod, use the Fabricator to craft materials; listen to messages on the Communications Relay; make First Aid Kits using the Medical Kit Fabricator; and store items in the 5 storage compartments.

5. Recreate the introductory sequence from the game during the escape from the Aurora! Sit the minifigure in the seat, lock him inside using the folding restraints, and use the included fire extinguisher to put out any fires!

6. Climb the ladder of the Lifepod to access the top hatch, and swim up to the bottom of the Lifepod to access the bottom hatch.

7. Climb onto the floating Mobile Vehicle Bay and fabricate the Seamoth!

8. Fauna:  includes three Peepers, two Bladderfish, two Rabbit Rays, one Crashfish, three Rabbit Ray eggs, a Crashfish egg, and two Gasopods.

9. Flora:  includes Writhing Weeds, Veined Nettles, Blue Palms, Seagrass, Brain Corals, and Acid Mushrooms

10. Materials:  includes Salt Deposits, Lead, Quartz, Copper Ore, and Gold (plus a Metal Salvage for making Titanium!)

11. The modular design of the three Safe Shallows sections allows you to change the layout of the biome for display or keep them separate for extra playability!

12. Remove the top of the cave system and venture inside, but be careful of the three Crashfish Plants inside!

13. Includes one closed Crashfish Plant, an open one with a Crashfish egg inside, and an open one with Crashfish Powder inside.

14. Break open Limestone Outcrops for minerals, harvest Acid Mushrooms to make batteries, and Coral Shell Plates to make water.

15. Scan the different fauna and flora with the included Spectroscopic Scanner but don't stay near the Gasopods for too long!

16. The survivor minifigure comes with a Survival Knife, an Airtank, Fins, a buildable Seaglide, a Scanner, and a different face for when he is wearing a Rebreather.

17. Open the cockpit of the Seamoth and seat the survivor's minifigure at the controls, and have fun exploring!


Compare:  Here are the links to the wiki pages (scroll down to the gallery to find pictures)


If you are interested in playing Subnautica, here is the link to the developer's website:


Thanks for checking out this project!  Please check out my other set on my page as well, which features the survivors of the Degasi in the Jelly Shroom Caves! If you're a fan of the game and want this to become a real LEGO set, please support and share with your friends!  More Subnautica sets (including a Lost River set with a Ghost Leviathan!) coming real soon!

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