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The Flat

This LEGO represents a building containing a restaurant and a museum. In the restaurant, there is in the kitchen an oven, a beverage dispenser, a food storage cupboard, a box, a sink and a counter. There are also cakes, a coffee maker, milk, bottles of water, salt, pepper, cans, worms, a spoon, a knife, a big knife, cards for the order, TV and plates. There is also food (chickens, croissants, ice cream, pizza, hamburger, hot dog and milk). There is a painter who is painting the bathroom door, a repairman. The restaurant is spread outside where there is a fountain, a bench with a grandpa and his cat, two statues, a tree and the restaurant menu. On the first floor and on the terrace above the building, there is a barbecue, drinks vending machine, TV, statue and telescope. Under the roof, there is a piano and a pianist. In the museum, there is a golden statue, a pharaoh with a gold scorpion, a red diamond, & an old book. There are also weapons like a purple shield, a musketeer's rapier, a symbol, & a blade. There is also samurai armor, a statue of Greek mythology, knight armor, and an aquarium in the middle of the room. There is a cash register, a security guard, a gold worm, and a book for sale. I built this LEGO because I like buildings.

I think this LEGO will be a great set because LEGO rarely comes out with buildings.

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