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Jurassic Park Builder


Good morning! I'd like to share with you this LEGO Ideas project! This set is based on an awesome app game called "Jurassic Park Builder" made by Ludia Inc.

 I love dinosaurs, LEGO and I like this game so i decided to make this creation. It is made in small scale.

The set would contain:
9 prehistoric creatures
11 buildings and decorations
Toyota Land Cruiser
Jurassic Park gate


  • In first picture (don't count the main one) there is the gate to Jurassic Park. You can open it and close it.

You can also take off orange lights ( wich are for Jurassic Park ) and replace them with blue lights to transform it into Aquatic Park gate or red lights for Glacier Park.


  • Second picture shows Jurassic Park decorations and Land Cruiser.

From left to right:
- Active volcano - volcano with lava and some vegetation
- Two pink flower patches
- Yellow flower patch
- Toyota Land Cruiser - famous car that drives around the park


  • In third picture there are Jurassic Park creatures:

- Parasaurolophus - calm herbivore
- Pteranodon - flying reptile
- Tyrannosaurus - fearsome meat-eater

  • In fourth picture I showed decorations and buildings from aquatic section of the park:

- Crashed aircraft - airplane on seabed covered with algae
- Small sculpture - sculpture of shark
- Marine turbine - underwater building

  • In fifth picture there are three aquatic creatures:

- Leedsychtis - largest bony fish ever
- Psephoderma - a genus of placodont
- Mosasaurus - 17-meter carnivorous aquatic lizard

  • And finally we got to Glacier Park. Sixth picture shows the buildings and decorations:

- Icy lake - lake with some snowy and icy hills around it
- Info igloo - a small building
- Torch - a decoration

  • The last picture shows glacier creatures:

- Entelodon - prehistoric pig
- Eremotherium - giant ground sloth
- Elasmotherium - very big ancient rhinoceros

Thank you so much for reading!!!

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