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Christmas House


Glen and Carol just finished putting up their Christmas decorations and want to invite you to take a look. There are Christmas lights on every window, inside and out, as well as hanging along the roofline. Inside, milk and cookies are set out for Santa on the window ledge near the fireplace. Gifts are starting to collect near the Christmas tree, which is half inside, and half outside. A wreath hangs on the wall downstairs among other red, green, and gold objects.

Upstairs, a red and green quilt covers the bed. A mini-tree and a Christmas gift canvas decorate the bedroom, and green towels hang in the bathroom.

Outside, there is a snowman decoration in the yard next to small pine trees. A telescope on the roof is available to watch for Santa’s arrival.

The house opens on hinges for easy access to the interior. The various modules in the house can be rearranged in many different configurations. Modules include:

  • Stove and kitchen counter
  • Refrigerator/freezer and sink with exterior bird house
  • Window with milk and cookies
  • Fireplace
  • Christmas tree
  • Window with gifts
  • Flat screen TV and shelves with exterior ladder
  • Front door
  • Bedroom window
  • Bedroom window with shelves
  • Toilet and towel rod
  • Glass shower

Other furnishings include a dining table and sofa. Upstairs, the interior wall with bathroom sink and mirror can be moved. The second story patio has an umbrella table for enjoying the fresh air outside. There is a mailbox by the front door, a hummingbird feeder, and more. Altogether, there are 1,077 pieces.

This model was created based on my prize-winning entry in the LEGO Rebrick “Be A LEGO Creator” contest. The Christmas tree was inspired by my fourth-grade teacher who always decorated with a tree that was half inside and half outside of a large window.

Please consider supporting this project. I also appreciate all comments and suggestions.

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