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Tribute to Green Day

Green Day, they revived and kept punk alive, made iconic albums one after another and have also been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

This idea is a memento, a tribute to Green Day. It contains various references to songs, albums and music videos by Green Day. From their album, Dookie, which was a worldwide success and brought punk rock to mainstream popularity, to American Idiot and their latest album, Father Of All...

Green Day has been my favourite band ever since the first time I heard one of their songs, Boulevard Of Broken Dreams (one of their award-winning and most recognizable songs). Since then, they stuck with me and I still listen to them to this day.

Green Day is a band with a massive fanbase that has kept on going through the years, even after all the controversy they have received in the past. They keep on producing fresh, new and catchy music that you can jam to your heart's content.

This idea can sit on your desk, accompany you while your trying to write songs or you can just smash it with a guitar, but please don't. :(

L :   56 studs
W :  27 studs
H :   41 studs

Pieces: 1297

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