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Star Fox 64 - Fox McCloud's Arwing


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Star Fox 64, better known as Lylat Wars here in Europe, is still one of my most favorite shoot’em ups to this day. The moment I realized that you could take different paths to Andross, it just blew me away. Despite that, all the different planets had their own unique feeling and design. As much as I love the game itself, I also like the design of the different aircrafts and vehicles. I think the design of the Arwing in particular is iconic. While designing this model, I had the opportunity to play this classic all over again and relive some of my childhood memories.

As in the game, the Arwing model can change its appearance from flight to battle mode. In order to achieve this, the angle of the wings and engines can be adjusted by hand. So it's up to you whether you want to fly through space at the speed of light or challenge your enemies in a dogfight. The two built-in spring-loaded shooters provide enough firepower to defeat any opponent.

I think the model combines the best of both worlds. It works as a display set as well as a playset. It has enough stability and play features for kids to swoosh it around, and it looks great on the shelf.

The set consists of 784 Parts including the stand it comes with.

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