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Medieval Village


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Welcome to the Medieval Village!

The year is 1360 AD and a cart laden with goods from far away lands comes into view. The villagers are getting ready, it's Market Day...

This is the second of my Medieval themed builds (the first is the Medieval Castle). It features a village with plenty of details and lots of fun layers to uncover!

The Medieval Village consists of three Modular Medieval buildings clustered around a cobbled square:

The Working Watermill 

Turn the water wheel and grind the corn. The hard working mill owners are either busy in the fields growing corn or with their noses to the grind stone, grinding the corn ready for Alfred the Baker.

Ye Olde Inn of Legoton

Everyone's favourite place to be! Travellers from afar come to taste the famous ales. If you are rich enough you can stay in the first class four-poster room... if not it's the attic room for you. But watch out! Invading armies are marching towards nearby Legoton Castle...use the secret escape route to run away and warn Lord and Lady Legoton.

Legoton Village Bakery

Everyone's second favourite place to be!! Mouth-watering smells of bread fill the air as Alfred stokes the fire. Bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bread for a snack as well!

All the houses are completely modular, and surrounded by grassy green fields with plenty of vegetation.

Each of the buildings also feature upper floors with bedrooms and accessories, allowing great playbility and countless adventures. Let your imagination run wild in this spectacular medieval themed build.

This build is stand-alone but can also be combined with my other project idea - the Medieval Castle:
Look out for more Medieval builds coming soon...

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