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Medieval Castle


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Welcome to the Medieval Castle!

The year is 1360 AD and the Lord of Legoton Castle marches out to meet the invading army as a battle horn echoes through the valley...

This is the first of my Medieval builds (there will be more coming soon). I built this model with great play-ability and I have added the details Medieval Castles had, making this an authentic model.

Some features are:

Working Castle Gates,
The Keep's moving Drawbridge,
A food store packed ready for the siege,
A Well,
The Lord's secret chest,
Working catapults,
A fully equipped Blacksmith,
And a Jail with a strange suit of armour. 

This model looks great on a shelf, and the possibilities of adventures are endless... be the attackers trying to storm the Castle or the Prisoner trying to escape from the jail or the Blacksmith making weapons for the Knights.

The Castle includes eight figures, a dog and lots of weapons.

Thank you so so much for the support,
Brick-By-Brick :)

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