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Soccer Ball, or Association Football Ball

What is it? 
I made a three-dimensional Soccer Ball (association football) from simple LEGO parts. I tried to make it strong enough so that one could gently kick it back and forth. It turned out stronger than I thought, but I still wouldn't try to use it in a game.

While the MOC is 900 pieces, it’s only 8 different parts:
Black parts:
  • 60x modified 1x2 plate with bar, 48336 black.
  • 60x 1x4 hinge plate, 2429c01 black.
  • 120x 2x3 plate, 3021 black.
White parts:
  • 60x modified 1x2 plate with bar, 48336 white. 
  • 120x modified 1x2 plate with C-clip, 60470b white.
  • 120x 1x4 hinge plate, 2429c01 white.
  • 120x 1x1 round plate, 4073 white.
  • 240x 2x4 plate, 3020 white.
All 100% LEGO parts that are available today, see image #5 for actual build.

Why did you build it?
I love building spheres using LEGO bricks. I've made a number of icosahedrons then I got the idea for a soccer ball. I prototyped the idea, worked hard on shrinking my spheres down to soccer ball size while adhering to the classic white hexagon and black pentagon pattern. I designed the whole thing in BrickLink studio, so I could then order the parts I needed. 

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
It is a fun build (albeit a little repetitive), it is geometric, slightly different that existing sets, it appeals to all ages, it has international appeal, and you can play with it. Modifying it can be fun, I added spider webs for Halloween.

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