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Advanced Sith Fighter


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The Advanced Sith Fighter is the superior model than that of the Regular Sith Starfighter from Revan's Sith Empire from The Jedi Civil War.This set has 800 pieces and this set has 4 Minifigures Which includes 2 Sith troopers from the Kotor game along with a sentinel droid and a Sith Dark Lord.


Like the standard Sith Starfighters in Revan's Sith Navy they are also a Hybrid of hybrid of various technologies—untraceable to any products originating from known Worlds unique to the Star Forge. It is a single seated starfighter with a cargo capacity of 80 kilograms twice as the regular Sith Starfighter. The fighter was powered by 4 Rakatan Made Ion Engines, that allowed it to reach speeds of 2,500 KM/H. it is also equipped with 6 Laser cannons and Rakatan made Missiles. It has 8 S-foils, 2 on top that can go in attack position when they closed and the 6 on the bottom can go ether up or down for an attack position. Or ether way you want it. Also it has 2 storage spaces were you can put your light shaft and your Lightsaber shaft in.


These Advanced Sith Starfighter Were seen at the bombing of Telos IV With some Sith bombers bombarding the city's tower defenses and bottomless places leaving the devastation  and loss of thousands of lives. They were also seen at the Battle of Rakata Prime to defend the Star Forge from republic ships, they were easily geeting shot down when the tide was turning.


After the end of the Jedi Civil War, these starfighters were recovered and usd by the Sith Triumvirate along with other Sith ships under the command of Darth Sion and Darth Nihilus.


The Sith Trooper armor is is the standard issue armor for all Sith Assault Troopers See this link for more info about the Sith Troopers and their armor

The Sentinel Droids served as war droids for both the Galactic Republic and Revan's Sith Empire, but they are also in Civil use. for more info about the Sentinel Droids see here

The Sith lord figure I made has yellow hair, and has a silver fiber armor and he has a red lightsaber just like the ones in the original KOTOR game. The Minifigures are Prototype models and not final product.


I hope everyone will love my project and if it approves, I'll be happy to see them on shelves



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