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Clash of Clans!


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Clash of Clans. For nearly a decade, the strategy game has captivated children and adults alike, and consistently been one of the most popular mobile games ever. As you’re probably aware, the game sees you become chief of a magical village, managing your resources to upgrade and expand buildings, and raiding enemy villages for gold and magic elixir. The fact that it revolves around construction and modification, alongside it’s immense popularity worldwide, makes it a natural fit for a lego set, so I thought I’d give it a shot. The system I’ve created is that 1 grid square in Clash of Clans is equivalent to a 3x3 plate. This means the builder’s hut (2x2 squares) is built on a 6x6 stud base, the cannon (3x3 squares) is on a 9x9 stud base, and so on. The set includes what I’d consider the 10 most essential buildings to the early game: The Town Hall, Army Camp, Barracks, Builder’s Hut, Archer Tower, Cannon, Elixir Collector, Elixir Storage, Gold Mine, and Gold Storage. What’s more, parts are included to upgrade each of these buildings (with exception of the Builder’s Hut, which cannot be upgraded until Town Hall 14 in-game) to levels 2 and 3. Also included are 9 minifigures to represent some of the most iconic characters in the game. I believe this design captures the iconic buildings of the early game, as well as the gimmick of upgrading the buildings somewhat well. And given the system it’s built on, a set like this would inspire builders to continue to modify and expand their village in real life just as they do in-game. Please support the set, so we can make this idea a reality! 

Image breakdown:
  1. “Cover” image: All the included buildings at varied levels, with the figures set as if it’s being raided.
  2. Layout: From top down: All buildings at level 1, the parts needed to upgrade to level 2, then level 3, and finally the minifigures.
  3. Level 1 Overview: All buildings at level 1. Clockwise from top left: Town Hall, Barracks, Archer Tower, Elixir Collector, Gold Mine, Gold Storage, Elixir Storage, Cannon, Builder’s Hut, Army Camp.
  4. Level 2 Overview: All buildings at level 2
  5. Level 3 Overview: All buildings at level 3
      6-15. Images of each building at levels 1 through 3. (Note: You cannot simultaneously build all levels of each building, because that would require over 3000 parts)

Q and A:

Q: Why did you choose the buildings you did?
A: These are the buildings I believe are most important to the game. Some, like the Town Hall and Builder’s Hut, are ones you have from the second you start the game. Others, like the collectors and storages, are required to obtain and store resources to upgrade buildings. The Army Camp and Barracks are needed for going on the raids that are such an integral part of the game, and the Cannon and Archer Tower are the first 2 defenses.
Q: And what about the figures? Where’s the Giant?
A: The figures were chosen based on how early they appear, as well as how iconic the character is. Some, like the Barbarians and Archers, are incredibly iconic, and the first unlocked. Others, like the Wizard, are unlocked later, but very well-known. The Hog Rider, through memes and internet culture, has become the unofficial mascot of the entire company. My first submission of this also included another barbarian, a wall breaker, a builder, and a villager, but lego considers 9 minifigures in what was at the time a 1,260 piece set a "battle pack", so I had to lower the figure count. The Giant was nearly included, as he’s unlocked at Barracks level 3, but I didn’t know how realistic a big figure would be for an Ideas set.
Q: Where’s *inset building* building?
A: A few important buildings were ultimately cut for space. The walls, while a substantial part of the base in their own right, took up too much of the piece count due to requiring a large number of them to be accurately represented, and the fact that almost every piece would have to be replaced between levels 1 and 2 alone. The Clan Castle is important, but isn’t usually unlocked as early as the other buildings on the list, and so it was also cut for space. I had some good ideas for the Mortar, but ultimately the Cannon and Archer Tower are more important and unlocked first.

Thank you for reading, let’s make this set happen!

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