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Ten Pin Bowling Alley


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Ten Pin Bowling Alley

There are two things my family love doing together, ten pin bowling and Lego, of course.

Many years ago our kids asked "why don't I build a bowling alley" and finally I've completed it.  When I started building it I wanted to have all the features of a typical bowling alley and design it in such a way that there were a number of ways to play with it (even for the big kids).

It was also important to me that it blended in with my existing creator sets but was easily recognisable as a bowling alley.

Play features:

The roof and first floor are removable while the ground floor has a door at the back so you can reset the pins after bowling a ball down (watch out for the gutters though)

Ground Floor

  • 2 lane bowling alley
  • Access through the back to reset the pins
  • Front counter with 1 mini-figure
  • Bowling alley seats with computer screens displayed above

First Floor

  • Cafe with counter, coffee machine and selection of pastries (1 mini figure)
  • Dining Area (4 mini figures)
  • Arcade Games (2 typical arcade machines and 1 driving game - 3 mini figures)
  • Toilet

Top Floor

  • Arched windows so you can see all the action in the first floor

I hope you like my creation.

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