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The Wild Kratts: Living Free and in the Wild


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Wild Kratts was my absolute favorite TV show from the time I was sitting in a chair behind a family friend watching her play Wild Kratts video games when I was 5, to early last year, a span of many, many years. I have had proud moments at the age of 7 answering questions that I learned the answers from the Wild Kratts for adults at wildlife centers. I have even seen the Kratt brothers live on stage. They were me and my cousins' life for several years.

To celebrate the joy this show brought to my life, I built this in Bricklink Studio. It depicts the five Wild Kratts and their main ground transport, the Createrra VX, along with everyone's favorite aardvark, Slurpy, along with his favorite termite mound. It has been very fun to build, and I hope you like it as much as me.

One of the best things about this model is the playability factor. You can act out a Wild Kratts rescue of Slurpy in the Createrra. You can act out Aviva giving Chris and Martin their custom printed Creature Power Discs, Chris and Martin miniturizing, and even just Slurpy, um, slurping termites.

This would be a great LEGO set because, even in my life today, I have friends who still watch Wild Kratts and love it. It is such a great, educational show, and the fact that it has run for ten years helps prove it. This would also be a great LEGO set to debut the paper bags instead of plastic bags for LEGO sets on, because of the nature (pun unintended) of the show, about helping wildlife.

To any Wild Kratts fans out there, this would be a great set, and I encourage you to support it. Who knows? Maybe one day it could be a real set.

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