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Dragon (DRG-1N) - MechWarrior Online

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This is a replicate of the 1N variant of the Dragon BattleMech, with the original concept art being created by Alex Iglesias at MechWarrior Online, who has taken the design itself from the BattleTech universe.

It comes in at around 30cm high and the main model coming in at 1488 pieces, with the optional weapons adding 342 pieces.

Interchangeable weapons, internal fusion engine, functioning hatch and a cockpit for Minifigures, as well as many other details personal to the artwork and in-game design.

Model adjacent to the concept art of the Dragon by Alex Iglesias.

The limbs are all articulated in regards to the literal movement limitations that the in-game design possesses. The upper torso is also able to pitch and yaw to a considerable degree.

All rights to the original concept art go to PGI, MechWarrior Online and IGP, as well as the possessors to the design's details and description to the BattleTech franchise.

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