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Posable Hermit Crab Models


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This is my last hermit crab entry... I think... maybe. Anyways, since your reading this why don't I share a few fun, hermit crab, hermie facts! There are two types of these crabs, land hermits and marine hermits. Land hermit crabs hatch in the ocean and then after they mature, crawl onto the beach to live the rest of their lives. Only a few of them make it. Marine hermit crabs are born in the ocean and stay in the ocean.

Once all hermit crabs hatch, they look for a suitable home for themselves. They can't grow their own shells like snails or other mollusks, so they must find an old shell and hide in it, to protect their soft tail from the burning sun. That is why they are called hermits. Because they can't grow their own shells, they must switch between them as they grow.

A hermit crab's diet can consist of algae, decaying plants, fruit, and even tree bark. Because they can only see yellow, blue, and gray, I found that they prefer yellow-colored fruit. This combination of colors helps them to see in the dark. Hermit crabs are nocturnal creatures. Random, interesting facts, hermit crabs can remember pain and recognize the smell of their own dead! I could go rambling on and on about hermit crabs for a long time and I'm sure you have something way more important to do, so I think I'll stop right here. Thanks for reading, chum!

This build took exactly 472 pieces to make. Oh, and if you have any questions about hermit crabs, feel free to ask me, I know a lot about them. Update! You can now change up the shells each crab is wearing.

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