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The Search For the Policeman... Is Over!!

   Most Lego fans who keep up with the popular LEGO Minifigures seris, would know about the coveted policeman. There is only one in every box, yet it is always in the same spot in every box, they say. In my town, everyone knows that, and the stores in my area prevent people from feeling the fifth bag down from the top, in the left row by placing them all in a bin or hanging them by the dozens up and down the LEGO aisle.

   Every bag I come across, I feel through, looking for the policeman. But someone always finds him before me, and I leave the store empty handed. Until Yesterday. I walked into the Lego aisle, expecting the same old slog, feeling through the same bags as last week, and the week before, with maybe a few new ones mixed in. But no! My store was tying to remove the Minifigure bags from their stocks (to put Unikitty bags in place.) so They had as many of the bags that they could cram on shelves. Even a Box! (it had been felt through before, so I didn't touch it) On my fifth bag that I felt through, I found a 1x2 plate. "IFOUNDHIM!!" I yelled to my brother, who was hunting for a bounty hunters battlepack, behind some Resistance Escape Pods. I couldn't stop jumping around for the rest of the day. The search was over, and now I could relax. Its funny, how LEGO turned an otherwise boring figure into the new Mr. Gold that anyone could find! 

   I hope some of my hints were helpful to other fellow searchers. Good luck friends!               -Legospacekid


ExoNova Coming soon!

Next month I will resubmit ExoNova Headquarters! I am going to buy some parts to build a solar array and a spaceship with a landing pad to include! Other than that I have added some snow and Icicles to the top and sides of the building. Thank you all for supporting it the first time around, and I hope this second endeavor will go where no idea has gone before.. to the planet Avoran! 

Don't worry guys, its the same planet. I just added the name! Thanks again! 



The things I still have built and laying around after all this time!

After my Ideas expire, I often take them apart., but here are some of the ones who have escaped my sorting hands, along with some other stuff. Let's start with oldest to youngest!

  • the brick separator with eyes. I built it as a joke on my first brick separator, and its been on eversince.
  • The clear stand. I at first used it to take pictures of my Dragonfly Speeder, olnly it kept falling over and I set it aside. A few months later I added some 1x2s to the bottom and used it for my Lunar Fire Department!
  • The Soler Slicer stand. It has been stripped of parts for one of my brothers models, but otherwise been preserved.
  • The lego brick stand. It was put on my shelf in february commemorating the 60th annniversary of the Lego brick.
  • The weird alien with flipper feet. It was originally mean't for my ExoNova theme of sets, and I haven't found time to get rid of it yet.
  • All the alien plants. Again mean't for the ExoNova sets, but I went with the fleshy icicle plants instead.
  • And finally the snowshoe rack and the yellow sign things that never made it into the ExoNova Headquarters!

   And thats it! I just thought it would be entertaining for you all! -Legospacekid

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