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Astro Dog!


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 Behold, the mighty Astro Dog! His powerful, robotic legs can carry him over the roughest lunar terrain, and his one eye lense can spot faulty communications dishes from miles around. Although, he has been distracted by the perfect place to bury his battery acid bone, and is now preoccupied.
   My idea for a set comes in four parts: the Astro Dog, two lunar terrain pieces, and a 2x4 tile to cover up his bone with. I was thinking that this would be a cool, larger Poly bag or five dollar set.
   I will appreciate any feedback on how to make this set better or less goofy, but I'm gonna keep going with this frivolity, no matter what you say! Thank you for reading this, and if you have the heart to support this lovable pet of the future, hit that support button! 
   Thanks again!                                                                    -Legospacekid

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