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The 24 in One Cars


Each car in this creation has 24 different cars within the one car without having to take anythig apart to create the diffrent cars. Both the bottom and top of each car has a diffrent car and each car is split into three sections by two rotating parts allowing you to rotate the car in a way that makes the top part rotate to where the botom part was creating a new car. The front and back sections of each car can also be removed easily and switched making the back piece of the car go where the front of the car would go and vice versa. Both cars are designed as a sort of sport car and spy car. This creation has two minifigures and they both of them fit in the cars.

This creation has 709 bricks and would be a great play toy and display piece as there is a lot of playability and you could display this creation as a new car every day!

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